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It is a single and extraordinary opportunity which are offered to you here, that to see one of your work appearing in a Museum. The Monaco Modern Art Museum « Project of the American Lord Eastleigh Foundation,  which into for vocation the world development of Art and  Culture (the Internet sites were presented to the public with Art Junction Places MassÚna, in September 2000) Your work will integrate a collection intended to become most representative, most international and most significant  popular Contemporary Art ever joined together in Europe. That you are Painter, Plasticien, Sculptor, Designer Creator, or Photographer, has condition to be approved by the Selection committee (chaired by Madame Jeanne AUGIER) which you have, preferably, already exposed in Art gallery (and to provide posters, press kit, etc.) and that you make gift  the work to the Foundation. It will not cost you anything of it, and after approval, you will receive a certificate of referencing in the form of diploma, which will authorise you to give a report on this referencing in any case which will be appropriate for your sales promotion, because our goal is also to enable you to make known your work thanks to modern technologies of communication, (the Web) and thus to allow you of yours own sales. For that you will profit from three data processing pages on each one of our two Internet sites and which are: or and the this last more particularly intended for the promotion of  Contemporary Art. The first page presents your work with your name, the number, the style dimension, and the choice of the other pages which are:  full screen vue , and your co-ordinates or those of the gallery which represents you, (an Internet link is placed if you would have your own Internet site) At last, another  button placed temporarily for a fourth page, makes it possible to see the poster of the exhibition  which you would have in progress. To profit from that you must send your work accompanied with mail by which make you gift of it to : Lord Eastleigh Foundation 2 Rue Malbousquet M.C.98000 Principality of Monaco. It will go first in Photo studio, then will be subjected by Internet to the disagreements intervening of the Committee, finally if it is approved, it will integrate the Internet site before to be given in a deposit of security. (it will be extracted only for the exposures). So if  not (not agree by the committee) it will be turned over to you to our expenses in paid port. We invite you to visit our Internet sites in order to better do an idea of their importance to you, and to seize the opportunity which is offered to you here. We will wishing good reception,  and we request you to find hereafter, Dears Fiends Artistes, our cultural and cordial greetings.


Lord Eastleigh



Lord Eastleigh Foundation  - U.S.A. - London - Paris - Monaco

 Head office : 1005 West Fourth Street Carson City  Nevada 89703  U.S.A. Cap $ 5 000 000

Europe office : 2 rue Malbousquet M.C.98000 PrincipautÚ de Monaco Fax (+377) 93 50 69 60)



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